Our Story

Fiyah Fiyah Agency originated from the creative collective Boomshakalak Soundsystem.
Started as a joke to give some counter balance to the overload of dance parties and festivals going boring.
We want a houseparty vibe with real music.
Our mission;
Bring Reggae & Jamaican rooted music to the dance floor of festivals and clubs. Always focused on dancing happy people!

In the past 10 years we have built up strong relationships with the public and our customers (festivals / clubs / cafes / concept organizers).

We got what we aim for;  Loyal fans & loyal customers!

Bookings, management for our artist but also hosting and promoting various club nights, festival stages & festivals.

YOU CAN contact us
-book our artist
-mediate between your brand and reggae artist/ network world wide & festivals and venues
-program and book artist for your event en festival
-want to release music / collaborate

WE WORK with

Paaspop, Zwarte Cross, Lowlands, 7thSunday, Drift, Harmony of Hardcore,  Festyland, We Are Electric, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Smeerboel, Into the Woods, het Nest, City of Dance, Have A Nice Day, Madness and many, many more.

Doornroosje, Effenaar, TonTon Club, Merleyn, Strijp-S, Burgerweeshuis,  De Kaaij, Club Smederij, De Rechter, P79, Gij en Ik, De Bunker, De Beurs, De Groene Engel, Ekko, 013 and many more.

Booked artist for our events
General Levy, Charly P, Macka B, The Dubbeez, Mystic Pulse, Skarra Mucci, Strawl, Gardna, Radikal Guru, Dreadsquad, Kreed, Fresku, Roscovitsch & Poke, Joe90, Irieginal Abraham, The Upsessions, DJ Vadim, BB’87, Bagjuice and many more.

Since 2020 we release music via our brand new Boomshakalak Records label!

We work with various artists and initiatives that want to work sustainably on relationships with the public.

Fiyah Fiyah Agency  has a no-nonsense & entrepreneurial attitude.
We are always looking for ’the sweet spot’, the ‘equilateral triangle (audience, customer & artist.)


Let’s Get together, Feel Alright & Start a Fire Together!